Show your appreciation to your wedding guests with your Nikmat perkahwinan. Unique and purely handmade Malay wedding favors, wedding gifts & decorative items to make your wedding a memorable event. Say Good bye to your guests with creative and unique nikmat perkahwinan and Malay party favors. Choose a best thank you card that showcases your personal style. Our range includes 3D Props, 2D Props, Arrow, Banner, Box, Bunting, Backdrops, Button badge, Stickers, Guest book, bags, welcome board etc.

3D Props

Opting for 3D Props wedding favours is a great way to give a personal and distinctive nikmat perkahwinan, something so unique that your guests will have a hard time forgetting about it. Sweet kad provides unique and custom 3D scanning and printing.

2D Props

Make your special event even more special with our custom 2D Props printing effects. Explore different shapes and sizes, color and stock finishes.


Celebrate your great wedding with Sweet kad. We provide awesome arrow nikmat perkahwinan here are perfect for your wedding day.


Beautifully presented favors in elegant embossed boxes and simple gifts. Personalize with custom printed ribbon and tags. Our large array of nikmat perkahwinan boxes and packaging can offer you everything from formal to casual, colorful or black and white.


Customize your own unique message with banners designed for modern to rustic themes. One of our beautiful party banners will add style and personality to your wedding decor! Choose one of our popular gold foil letter pennant banner kits if you need to be able to create a variety of unique phrases with a single kit. All of these banners are made with high-quality materials, so you can reuse them for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor party and reception.


Bunting is one of the easiest DIY decor projects you can make for a wedding. Mini-bunting projects are an adorable detail to add to your wedding decor. Pick fabric or paper that showcases your beautifully pale wedding colors on a smaller scale.


All of our backdrops are designed to cover a vast space and to complement your chosen topic. Our backdrops are generally made from thick plastic sheets and can vary in size, and all feature printed scenic details on one side.

Button Badge

We supply all kind of button badge accessories for example, button pin and Mylar in button back pin. Sweet kad provides competitive pricing on various sizes of button badge for you.

Guest Book

Guest book are a wonderful tradition and one that will be treasured for years to come. Our selection of books and pens range from the traditional to the unique – the formal to the casual, the unrestrained to the simple.


Our custom stickers have been lovingly designed and given a palette of colors that make them perfect for weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthday parties and other special events.


Create unforgettable keepsakes with custom-designed hang tags for your nikmat perkahwinan. Personalized favor hang tags are perfect to commemorate life’s most special events and celebrations.

Welcome Board

Often one of the first details your guests see, welcome boards greet your friends and family and give a tiny hint to your style. We've collected the most popular types of welcome boards, focusing primarily on chalkboard, wooden, and glass designs.

Any one of these nikmat perkahwinan and decor ideas will surely add to the fun and festivity of your wedding day. We offer a variety of edible favors with pretty,floral packaging that's modified with the names of you and your spouse. At my nikmat perkahwinan, shopping for mementos to present to your guests might be the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. Sweet kad is committed to providing an unmatched selection of high quality thank you cards, gifts and supplies as well as exceptional customer service so that every celebration can be an once-in-a-lifetime event. We want to inspire our customers and help them find the perfect way to honor their achievements, and to thank their loved ones.